to Your Child’s Potential

Florida Children’s Institute: Dedicated to Your Child’s Potential

The Florida Children’s Institute provides comprehensive support for children and families dealing with behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Our skilled providers utilize the latest best practices to address problem behaviors and foster independence, self-regulation and skill acquisition.

The FCI team is dedicated to providing excellent care in a warm, supportive environment. We offer parent training, follow-up care, and special courses in social and self-management skills to help your child succeed. And we work closely with your other educational, medical, and psychological service providers to coordinate treatment and achieve the best outcome for your family.

At FCI, we measure our success by our clients’ progress. We are honored by the many referrals we receive from parents as well as physicians and therapists. And nothing makes us happier than watching your child succeed! Contact us today for an appointment.


For Your Family

Our clients will gain skills that increase their functionality, independence and quality of life, and that they and their families will feel empowered, educated, and supported through the process of assessment and treatment.

For Our Team

Our team members will continue to develop and share their expertise in a collaborative environment that fosters excellent care and research and provides a high degree of professional satisfaction.

For the Future

Florida Children’s Institute will become the practice of choice for behavior analysis in North Florida, and our research will enable others to emulate our success, more effectively treating the next generation of children.


FCI’s Services Include:

• Ongoing Behavioral Programming
(Assessment & Program Development)
• Social Skills Groups
• Case Review
• Parent Training
• Educational Professional Training
• Medical Professional Training
• Counseling

We Serve Individuals with:

• Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Behavior Disorders (BD or EBD)
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
• Down Syndrome
• Other Developmental Disabilities
• Behavior Concerns without a Specific Diagnosis

FCI Addresses Behaviors Including, but Not Limited to:

• Classroom Misbehavior
• Self-Management
• Aggression
• Self- Injury
• Noncompliance
• Communication Deficits
• Transition-Related Problem Behavior


To make an appointment or request more information, contact us.
Office visits are by appointment only.

8777 San Jose Blvd. Suite 801
Jacksonville, FL 32217