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Get Closer, Not Louder

By Molly Hankla, MA, BCBA and Dr. Cat Baker, PhD, BCBA-D Compliance can be thought of as beginning to engage in a behavior shortly after a demand is given. Essentially, following directions. For older kids, we typically expect that response time to be quicker than for younger kids, but certainly, children of all ages often…

Pandemic Parenting Part 2: Pandemic Perspective

By: Dr. Cat Baker, PhD, BCBA-D What and how we are communicating to our children matter. One thing that we CAN control during these uncertain times is our actions as a parent. Our language and what we are teaching our children can have such a positive impact on them. AND we’re likely spending more time…

Pandemic Parenting Part 1: A Few Reminders

By Dr. Cat Baker, PhD, BCBA-D While much has changed in our world, country, states, communities, and homes over the past number of months, one thing remains constant for us as parents: our children need us.  We have never parented during a pandemic, and we have a lot to adapt to and guide our children…